July 20, 2024


With the new installer system in place, Lightroom updates now take the form of patches rather than fill installs, meaning smaller downloads. Lightroom 6.0.1 has been sent out to fix two bugs. The first is to fix the crash on launch bug, the second is to point Lightroom help to the correction location.

You should get an in app notice of the available update. Download and run the patch to get updated.


4 thoughts on “Lightroom 6.0.1 Update Released

  1. Lightroom 6 on my imac OSX Ypsemite 10.10.3 processeur 2,93GHz intel Core 2 Duo mémoire 8Go 1067MHz DDR3, is very often leaving unfortunately and the order of the picture is not always with their number.
    Does somebody know haw tou resolve this desagrement ?
    I am really dispointed.

    Thank you for help
    Marie Emeri

    1. Hi Marie,
      It’s probably in Added Order or Custom Order in Sort, which is in the toolbar. If you can’t see the toolbar, press T to toggle it on. If Sort isn’t visible, go to the triangle at the right of the toolbar, click on it, then select Sort. Next choose Capture Time or Filename to sort in order.

    1. Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC are different versions of the same program, but the fix is for both.

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