July 15, 2024

Lightroom 4.1 is now available via the update mechanisim in Lightroom, or via Adobe.com (Win | Mac).

I’ve already mentioned the key new features in previous posts, but to recap:

There’s been a number of bugs fixed. The biggies were Point Curves from Lightroom 3 have been restored, and the Edit In functionality returned to software such as Nik plugins.

There’s been a series of performance related fixes for GPS logs, 2nd screen usage and Develop controls.

Other bug fixes include updating previews for 100+ DNG files, improved viewing for subfolders and large stacks (I had a bug based on creating large stacks to manage timelapse sets that was fixed).

Further bugs, camera updates and lens updates can be had from Lightroom Journal.

It’s worth noting that Camera Raw has also been updated to match at 7.1, and that the DNG convertor has also been updated. This means that users of Lightroom 3 can process newer camera files, such as the 5DIII, albiet without the new Process Version 2012 controls.


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