July 15, 2024

While I’ve posted 2 videos on Lightroom News recently, I’ve been mildly, and unintentionally, neglectful here.
I’ve a number of projects on the go taking my time. Along with tech editing a book, I’m also rewriting my own current project for all the changes since Lightroom 2 Beta came out. This stuff takes time, especially the screen captures, which I really want to have nice photos for! I was in Portumna Forest today shooting bluebells, so hopefully they’ll feature in something soon! I’ve also got an upcoming Develop article for the Professional Imagemaker (the SWPP society magazine) to write.

The new Flash based gallery is almost complete, actually it’s more than complete enough to release, but I want to add another feature first, which means learning a little more Actionscript first!

Now a few quickies:

One of my favourite photographers is Mark Tucker. For years he provided insight and wisdom on the old Rob Galbraith forums, but left before the changeover. Now those were great forums and I loved them deeply for the wealth of talent, information and community there, but I couldn’t see myself paying for them with so many free forums. Anyhow I see Mark has recently added a new gallery to his people portfolio: Mark Tucker / Little House on the Prairie. The expressions/moments he has captured are nothing short of stunning and inspirational, not to mention the sumptuous colour in his post processing (no, I don’t know what he’s using, but I know PS is involved in his texture based stuff). Enjoy.

Videos: What would you like to see next? Local corrections? Basic Beauty retouch? More short tips and tricks?

Visiting the west of Ireland? Drop me a line, I’ll be happy to give you locations to shoot, and if I’m free/out and about, I’m happy to help.

4 thoughts on “Front Burner

  1. How about hidden features that affect your workflow. At the Inside Lightroom blog Michael Clark posted on just discovering the ability to set the side panels to autohide/Manual/show.
    Another example is the video you posted on the Detail window in LR2b. I didn’t realize the use of the TAT.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Fixing problems in pictures. The one that I am interested is how to fix pictures where water got on the lens. I was taking pictures at a waterfall and I wish I could figure out how to clean them up.

  3. When you’re ready for testers for the new gallery, let me know… It’s the closest thing I’ve yet seen to what I’ve been dreaming of.

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