July 20, 2024

It’s been there since 5.5 came out, but wasn’t announced-perhaps because of the hubbub of all the other Creative Cloud announcements; You can continue to access your photos in Lightroom even if you cancel your Creative Cloud. Yes, you heard that right. You can still keyword, print, make websites, etc etc. What you can’t do is use Develop or Map. You can however still use Quick Develop and Presets. Mobile Sync to Lightroom mobile is off the cards too, as you need a subscription for that.

Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski have a video about it:

Victoria Bampton has a post over on her Lightroom Queen blog too.

Peter Krogh of The DAM Book also has a post about it.

It’s like getting Lightroom light for free. And a great move on behalf of Adobe.

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