July 20, 2024

Lightroom is a great all in one workflow for most users. Obviously not for everyone, but it does the job for most users.
One area that is lacking webwise is the lack of photoblogging ability. For those not aware of photoblogging, it’s a bit like a photo a day gallery, but in reverse! When you load a photoblog, you see the full size version of the most recent photo first and can navigate to the next and previous days photos from there. When you go to the archive page, you get a thumbnail view of the image. Opposite to a normal gallery!
Lightroom currently doesn’t provide for this. Or does it? Matthew Campagna, being the busiest web gallery developer in the Lightroom community, has put his head down and come up with a solution using Lightroom, Flickr.com, FlickrMSS and PictureSync.

“For many, myself included, Adobe Lightroom has been a revolutionary step forward for the photographic workflow. My photo library is (finally) organized, interfaces directly with my photo processing routine, and can be used forthwith to generate web photo galleries. Despite all this fantasticness, however, a single niggle has persisted to annoy me, the singular niche in my armor, the one task Lightroom had failed to address: my photoblog.

So much for my perfectly cohesive, wholly encompassing photographic workflow … Or so I’d thought.

Utitilizing a handful of third party applications and services, a Lightroom empowered blog can be a reality after all. The setup is long-winded, but straight-forward. Do not be daunted; read on.”

Do read on, over at the theturninggate.net

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