July 19, 2024

You’ve been here before and seen how great the 5DayDeal bundles have been in the past, well this one is no exception. With a huge 96% discount, giving $2500+ worth of photo resources for only $97. There’s also 4 charity partners that get 10% of each sale, making this event benefit far more than just the purchaser! 5daydeal_oct2016_launch_contributors_1-600




For Lightroom users, there’s a whole wealth of training and presets.

  • The Darkness Collection Lightroom Presets + Princess Collection V2

    By Amanda Diaz

  • Lightroom for Landscapes: Black and White Processing

    By Christopher O’Donnell

  • Cole’s Classroom Lightroom Preset Bundle

    By Cole Joseph

  • Hacking Photography Lightroom Preset Collection

    By Mike Newton

  • The Landscape Photographer’s Lightroom Presets

    By Richard Schneider

  • The Art of Cityscapes + Photoshop & Lightroom Powerpack Bundle

    By Jimmy McIntyre


But that’s not all. There’s been a lot of talk about using Photo Mechanic as a front end to Lightroom so Dan Carr’s “Photo Mechanic Unlocked would be a perfect class to take to get to grips with the software. David duChemin has the 26 week email class called The Vision Collective, to help you be a better photographer. Joel Grimes has 2 great classes on Silencing the Critics and HDR backgrounds that Rock. Zack Arias ‘Get To Work’ is also there a Free Bonus. There’s also resources from Nicole S Young, Brian Matiash and Trey Ratcliff. Klaus Herrmann has the Ultimate HDR class in an interesting to use format.

Honestly, there’s far more than this in it, so get over to 5DayDeal.com and check out exactly what’s there. Do bear in mind that this is day two now, so there’s only 3 days and 21 hours left to buy. There’s less of a rush downloading though. If you’ve any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments!


As a heads up, as of now, there’s been over $35,000 raised for charity!



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