Luminar Jupiter NEW Features

Luminar Jupiter (version 1.2.0) is out today. Featuring over 300 improvements, this video looks at the big new features and a little chat about the speed improvements and Windows catchup.

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As part of the new DCP profiles, I show a little on making your own profiles.

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Gear used for recording:
Video Capture via El Gato Camlink – Amazon UK US:
(Turns the X-T2 into a super high quality webcam)
Camera – Fujifilm X-T2 Amazon UK US:
Lens – Fujinon 23mm f2 Amazon UK: US:
Lights- Viltrox L116T run off mains for ease Amazon UK: US:
Audio – Superlux E205U Amazon UK
Software – Screenflow 7
Lightroom/Photoshop –

Fuji-X Page:

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