Lightroom 6.2/CC.2

The next iteration of Lightroom 6 has been announced as the Adobe MAX conference takes place. Along with loads of other new products and updates, Lightroom has been updated to 6.2. For Lightroom CC users, Dehaze has been added as a local correction. Yep, the wonder photo changer can now be painted on to select areas of the photo.

There is another huge change. Import. And because it’s moving features around, it’s available to all users. It’s so much of a change that I’ve made a 15 minute video detailing some of the changes, including the stuff that’s been left out. Along with why you might think about upgrading or not.

Watch this video on YouTube or on Easy Youtube.

In addition to all of this, raw support for the following cameras has been added: DxO ONE, Leica S (Typ 007), Olympus E-M10 Mark II, Sony A7SM2 (ILCE-7SM2).

A full range of newly supported lenses can be see at Lightroom Journal.

For mobile updates, check out my next post.

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