Resetting Preferences in Lightroom CC/6

One great addition to Lightroom CC/6 is how the resetting of Preferences is handled. Back in the back old days of Lightroom 5 and previous versions, you had to manually delete the preferences, which included the name of the current catalog, so if you didn’t restart from your last catalog by double-clicking on it, Lightroom would create a new one. Joy! No, not really.

Lightroom CC/6 now has a dialog for this- and the Preferences have been split in two. There’s now a smaller Startup Preferences file that lives inside your Lightroom Presets folder. It’s in the Preferences folder, funnily enough. This records your recent catalogs and their locations. Yay!

How do you access the dialog? Well you need to restart Lightroom, and then hold down the Shift and Option keys on Mac, or the Shift and Alt Keys on PC. The Reset Preferences dialog appears.


Choose Reset Preferences to reset, or Start Normally to skip this.

Why would you need to reset Preferences? Well if you find Lightroom suddenly doing strange things for no reason, and restarting hasn’t helped, your preferences file, which Lightroom reads on startup, might have become jumbled. If you’re on Mac, the Preferences are also loaded in memory, so you need to restart the computer to forget them completely. I mention that in my last tip on changing the GPU settings manually by editing the Preferences file.

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