4 thoughts on “The most important thing to read about Lightroom 3 Beta 2

  1. There IS a need to uninstall unwanted things on a Mac. Simply dragging an application to the trash often (very often) leaves files associated with the application behind. Even applications delivered with an “Uninstaller” leave files behind. Case in point; when CS4 was Uninstalled, several files including config (.cfg) and preferences (.plist) files were abandoned in place. I wish Apple would provide an “official” uninstaller and require application writers to hook into it.

    1. I beg to differ in the case of Lightroom. The only thing ‘left behind’ is the .plist file, which isn’t used by the final version, unless you count the presets folder, which I’d imagine we all want to remain.

  2. I feel Mac users would appreciate a recommended sequence from Adobe for uninstalling previous beta versions of Lightroom 3 since an uninstaller is not provided. Thank you

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