In Progress

There’s been a few feature requests in the few days since LRB Exhibition was launched. I’m glad to say it’s getting good reaction. Anyhow, here’s the list of stuff that have been added/fixed/changed since release based on user feature requests.

1.1 changelog

  • Added Top Gap
  • Added Numbers checkbox
  • Added body image check box.
  • Fixed repeat
  • Changed less for fewer
  • Change UI colours
  • Added a Switch to the galleries to hide the menu and force all images into Gallery 1, acting as a single gallery rather than a website.
  • Added Number Height slider
  • Added Menu Gap slider
  • Menu gallery swap
  • Menu and Identity Plate transparency choices
  • Added Flickr code and made icon.
  • I’m sure there will be quite a few more feature requests before 1.1 goes out, feel free to add them to the comments at the end of the LRB Exhibition post.

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