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It’s about time for a new Featured Website for LRB Portfolio. And this time it’s the turn of London based photographer Robbie Ewing.


I like how Robbie has used a dark look with white bars. Simple but beautiful. I’m a big fan of simple looks for web sites. He’s also used grey text which helps make the type easily readable.

Photographically, I love the night images of London, the abstracts and the still life images. The people and street images are good too, I’m just a sucker for city evening shots.

3 thoughts on “LRB Portfolio Featured Gallery

  1. fair enough KK but i was just dipping my toe in the water website wise and wasn't anticipating the traffic from Sean's Blog. Lesson learned Bandwidth has been upgraded and the site is live.

  2. Too bad that the site has a cap on traffic. Let this be a lesson never to host any serious website with a traffic cap. What happens if a prospective client wants to visit the site? 🙁

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