Alphabetic Lightroom

Thinking about shortcuts in Lightroom: This is not a comprehensive list, but certainly an alphabetic one. For those who think there are plenty of free shortcut letters (I kid!)

A: A toggles Auto Mask when using Adjustment brush
B: Add to Quick/Target Collection
C: Compare
D: Develop
E: Loupe
F: Full Screen
G: Grid
H: Hide
I: Info in loupe
J: Toggle Cell info in Grid, Highlight Clipping in Develop
K: Brush
L: Lights Out
M: Graduated Filter
N: Survey Mode in Library, Spot Removal in Develop
O: Overlay. Shows Crop overlays or Brush Masks
P: Pick
Q: Nothing: Cmd Q quits on Mac, never tried Ctrl Q on PC (usually go for Alt-f4)
R: Crop
S: Toggle Stacks open and closed, Copy previous Crop ratio in Develop
T: Toolbar
U: Unflagged
V: Black and White (Yes! Grayscale is gone, gone, gone)
W: White Balance
X: Reject
Y: Before/After view
Z: Zoom

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