Video and Lightroom


In these days of convergence, where 2 of the newest DSLRS offer HD video recording capabilities (albeit basic), and almost every compact has some kind of video mode, I’d like to see Lightroom support Video. At minimum, I’d like it to import the video with my images. Preferably, I’d like to be able to playback the video and perhaps add basic metadata (copyright, keywords etc). I have no expectations of being able to edit video, or even work on colour, brightness etc. I just want to have my video managed with my images.

There are a couple of specific personal reasons for this. One is the slowly growing collection of time lapse videos I’m creating. Obviously I have a selection of video tutorials that I’d like to keep better track of. I do also use Snap Pro X to record Slideshows to video (I’d prefer to see this as an option in Lightroom, but that’s not the thrust of this post), so I’d like to access them also.

On top of all that, with my intention to purchase a Canon 5D Mk II in the near future (Jan-Feb timeframe), and the fact that I just completed a short film course, I’d like to be able to add my finished Final Cut work to Lightroom.

Yes, there are other programs I could use for asset management, but I’ve already shifted away from them since I began using Lightroom. Version 2.2 will be on us in December, as announced by Tom Hogarty, so maybe as the end of the year approaches, we should be thinking about where we want this program to go. I’m not talking about feature bloat here though. Let’s aim for actual usable features we need in our work and workflow.

I haven’t really done a ‘Comment’ style post this year, but as I really feeling this need, I thought it might be good for discussion.

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