LRB Grads updated to version 2

My Graduated Filter Presets have been updated to version 2. Version 2 of the LRB Grads contains an extra folder of Sunset filters, along with a middle filter for each of the types and strengths.

There are 2 zips in the archive: One with the original Colour Strength Position naming, and one with the new form Position Colour Strength.

The new version makes for quicker previewing in the Navigator.

To install the new filters right click on a preset and click Show in Finder/Explorer. If you are updating and want to use the new names, delete the older presets first. Delete the LRB Grads folders (there are 6 in V1).

Unzip the file file in this folder for the new names, or for the original naming scheme. Restart Lightroom.

Your original download link will still work for these. I’ll be updating the original page shortly, along with the new product page, based on that page. If you have used all the downloads: tough.. Nah, I’m kidding, reply to the original downlaod post including the contents of the post and I’ll reactivate your download.

Product Page:

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