Lightroom 2 vs. CS4 & Lightroom Conspirarcy Theories

Scott Kelby has posted a video about Lightroom 2 vs. CS4 & Lightroom Conspirarcy Theories over at his Photoshop Insider blog. Basically the video is Scott and Matt Kloskowski talking about coverage of issues relating to the programs.
A very valid point is that while the majority of users don’t have issues, there are some that do, and for them it’s the most important thing in the world (appropriately).
Personally, I’m having a bizarre graphic issue where my screen darkens down as I move the image about the screen or scroll using any scrollbar. I move the whole window to my 2nd monitor and it rectifies immediately.
Here’s the catch: to create an effective bug report that lets Lightroom engineers see the issue, you need reproducible steps. While this happens to me all the time, I have no steps. It simply happens.
Besides that I have only one minor crop issue and that’s it. Lightroom is solid otherwise. The crop issue, for those that care, is when I’m in a portrait image and I use Shift to constrain a crop, it jumps to landscape when I drag a corner. It happens most of the time for me. If I use the lock it’s fine, so it’s not major by any means.

Update: Folks, if you’re going to say you’ve a bug in the comments, do it the right way! List your machine and OS, the version of Lightroom you are using and the steps to take to reproduce it. If you’ve no steps, describe what you were doing when you see the bug.

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